6 Foot Wood Balance Beam

Regular price $ 119.99

Gymnast Hut wood beam is our entry level beam and is constructed of solid non-warping wood and has wood stabilizer feet.

All of our beams are padded with 3/8" closed cell foam rubber and each beam is upholstered with durable synthetic suede with your choice of Tan, Pink, Caribbean Blue, Lime or Eggplant

.A unique feature to our beams are the pre-drilled holes with threaded metal inserts which accommodate any riser leg we offer so your beam will last and grow with your gymnast. In addition, this design feature of our beams ensures the holes on the bottom of the beam will never wear out or become loose after changing risers.  All of our beams come standard with the low stabilizer feet.

Your choice of riser:

*12"  Set Height

*18"  Set Height

*24"  Set Height

*12-18" Adjustable Riser 

*18-24" Adjustable Riser

*24-36" Adjustable Riser