Agility Peg Boards

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An increasingly popular tool for upper body training, climbing peg boards can be a simple but dynamic addition to a small garage gym or a larger training facility.


Our Peg Boards come in 4 sizes. They are all made from 1.5" thick 24 layer furniture grade Birch Plywood.  The edges are banded smooth for a nice clean look.  Included are 2) 1.25" hard wood ash pegs.   All Peg Boards are clear lacquered finished.  Weight limit is 250lbs.


****Mounting brackets are not included******


Peg Board Dimensions and Holes:

PB# 2436 Peg Board 24"x36"  28 Hole  Price: $179.00

PB# 17548 Peg Board 17.5"x48"  21 Hole  Price: $179.00

PB# 1248 Peg Board  12"x48"  16 Hole Price: $169.