Gymnast Hut Balance Beam Risers ( One Singe Riser; Fixed Heights and Adjustables)

Regular price $ 60.99
As your gymnast gains confidence and builds on her skills, it might be time to add a little height to your Gymnast Hut balance beam. 
Our balance beam risers are constructed with a heavy gauge steel. The ends are protected with a rubber cap to prevent marks and scratches. As an extra safety precaution unlike our competitor's beams we do not use wood screws, we not only have steel inserts in the beams, the screws are machine screws, making the placement of the beam and risers much more sturdy.  
No need to purchase extra screws as they will be provided for you.
Our options for heights are below:
12" Fixed Riser (Most Popular)
18" Fixed Riser /
24" Fixed Riser
12-18" Adjustable Riser  /
18-24" Adjustable Riser  /
24-36" Adjustable Riser  /
The risers are measured true to size, so take 4" of the beam and add to the risers and we will get the new height of your beam.